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Young people building social enterprises

Tell us what you can do, we'll make sure it's for a good cause

ZeZe Productions Updates

Our latest Social Enterprises

People who don't usually lecture
the lectures videos are available!!! 
The two first events took place at Hangar 11, TLV port. Inspired by TED.com, The event includs a set of short lectures from people who you have usually never hear lecture. Come and hear their life stories. 
This is our TEDx talk


A Social business in cooperation with the Israeli Prisoners' Rehabilitation Authority- ZOTZOT is a social printing and design studio that employs former female prisoners. 

the goal of the project is to empower its workers and help them rehebelitate thier lives through a dignified and meaningful jobs. the project provides proffesional training and aspires to foster a sense of accomplishment, success and personal fullfilmentto its workers.




For more details and orders:

Orel: 050-8225588



Link to lectures videos
zotzot website
The annual Mimuna Party was incredible
Great people, great food and  a  live performance of theA-wa!
Check out the promo....
ZEZE is a social enterprise generating projects with social impact based on a business model and community of young people. 
ZEZE projects enables member of the comunity to take an active part in various projects, therebyleverage their skills for building and promoting social enterprises, to employ communities in need.
All of ZE-ZE's social enterprises are financially sustainable. The profits that are generated from each social enterprise are then utilized for reinvesting into creating additional social projects. ZEZE's projects also feature art and culture as an integral part of their content.

Want to hear more?

Art That Touches
A project which generates a cooperation between young artists and blind artists creating together an art exhibition being able to fill with all our senses except seeing.
The project emphasizes that beauty and art are not bound only to be visible. Art can be rich enough also when it is- blind. simultaneously it aims to provide a stage for the young and blind artists.
Pics album from the event