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Young people building social enterprises

Tell us what you can do, we'll make sure it's for a good cause

Our latest Social Enterprises

ZeZe Productions Updates

The Prince 


The prince is Ze-Ze's home. The prince is a physical space in Nachalat Binayamin 18 roof top. 

The annual Mimuna Party was incredible
Great people, great food and  a  live performance of the Elayev family!
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This is our TEDx talk

our home is used as a shared working space for social entrepreneurs during the day, and is a bar that employs ex female prisoners and promotes social projects during the night. 

People who don't usually lecture
the lectures videos are available!!! 
The first event took place at Hangar 11, TLV port. Inspired by TED.com, The event including a set of short lectures from people who you have usually never hear lecture. Come and hear their life stories. 
Ze Ze is a social organization led by a community of young people. These young people leverage their skills for building and promoting social enterprises, to employ communities in need. All of Ze-Ze's social enterprises are financially sustainable. The profits that are generated from each social enterprise are then utilized for reinvesting into creating additional social enterprises. Ze-Ze's enterprises also feature art and culture as an integral part of their content.

The organization creates an active and involved community giving its members an opportunity to take part in social activities, matching their personal abilities and interests. 


A Social business in cooperation with the prisoners' rehabilitation authority. The project employs former prisoners in sublimation printing on various products (shirts, bags, key chains, Iphone covers, etc.)   



For more details and orders:

Ido: 054-3978946

Tana: 054-3454709


Link to lectures videos zotzot website

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